Top seven Electrical Safety Tips

We all know the dangers of electrical mishaps. Here are some tips to avoid electrical fires and accidents:

  1. Build your habit in a way that if electronic appliances are not in use turn off them.
  2. Always try to use just one plug in every socket. Even if you use the adapter, make sure that it also has a fuse.
  3. You have to ensure a periodical review on the condition of the plugs and sockets. Special attentions should be given to any burnt or frayed wires on appliances.
  4. Always put wires or leads in a visible way. Putting wires under carpet may cause to an accident.
  5. Avoid electric wires to trail over toasters or stove tops. It is very risky and dangerous.
  6. Use your appliances with dry hands only and also avoid placing water on top of electrical appliances and devices.
  7. Try to avoid keeping major electrical appliances into a bathroom or nearest water.


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